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El Dorado Jungle Adventure.

El Dorado Jungle Adventure - 6 Days 5 Nights. Photos Angel Falls

This jungle is one of the uninhabitted jungle areas of Venezuela, with lush jungle, beautiful rivers and an abundance of wild life, it is claimed that there are huge deposits of gold and diamonds in these rivers, and fishing can be fun, alligators can be seen during the night, using torch lights, which easily facilitates observation by their bright red eye balls from the reflection of the light rays. Night animals such as the LAPA (Huge 8 pound rodent), and howling monkeys are also in abundance. 200 kilos cat-fish can be a lucky catch sometimes. Here we will gladly teach you how to survive, and build camps using natural materials from the jungle. Your interaction with your companions is at it’s peak during your stay in this remote place, and you will have the chance to inhale the pure and unpolluted air, with no cars, and the noise to annoy the peace, we as humans deeply need.

DAY 1: Arrival to El Dorado by bus from Santa Elena or Cuidad Bolivar, depending on time of arrival, we’ll navigate up the Yuruan river in motorized Curiaras (dug-out from a huge tree trunk. In the afternoon we will construct a camp site using natural materials from the jungle for our sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets. In the evening you’ll have a chance of trying your luck in fishing for cat-fish, the absolute silence during the night will give you the opportunity to listen to all the jungle noise from toads, crickets, night birds, night animals, and will also be a perfect chance to observe the stars and the moon.

DAY 2: After breakfast, we will continue our trip up river, driving between rapids, and will have to abondon the boat for safety reasons, while’st our driver takes the boat over the rapids to the other side, where we again get on board to continue our navigation,sometime after lunch, we will get to the junction of the Yuruan and Supamo rivers, where you can clearly observe the joining of the two rivers,the Yuruan river with it’s very dark coca colaish colour, and the Supamo river with it’s muddy, grayish colour, can be distinguished with a perfect line, dividing the two, like a mat on top of the flowing river. During our boat ride, you can observe birds, monkeys, and now and again on a lucky day Tapirs, deer, and sometimes tiger cats. We again have to build our camp on the banks of the river. During the night you again have to fish for food. Howling monkeys will wake you up around 2 to 3 o’clock in the morning, beware that these may sound very scary.

DAY 3 :In the morning our captain goes hunting wild Turkeys for lunch, then we leave for the Junction of the Gaspin and Yuruan rivers where we camp. Here we have a small jungle walk to observe the wild natural medicinal plants and their uses, and we will also show you some of the edable plants found here. Again we fish for Pirannahs for dinner.During the evening, we always serve Cuba libres for our clients.

DAY 4: We will drive up River to the Salto PARABAN, 55 meters high, with a beautiful sand bar at the bottom, here we again do a small trek through the jungle to the top of the waterfall, and in the afternoon return to our camp.

DAY 5: Today we start to return down river to our campsite, with small stops for swimming, and lunch.On the way down we also carry you to a view point, from where you can observe the tepuys in the Gran Sabana area.

DAY 6: After break-fast we return to El Dorado, and take the night bus back to Santa Elena or Cuidad Bolivar.


1:Food during the trip 2:Fishing equipment 3:Hammocks with mosquito nets 4:English spoken guide

WHAT TO BRING: 1:Hat or cap 2:Sun screen 3:Sun glasses 4:Torch lamp
5:Repellent 6:Light clothing 7:Sandals 8:Trekking or tennis shoes 9:Swim suit 10:Plastic bags for your crucial stuff 11:Camera

Photos Angel Falls

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