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Auyantepuy Trek

Auyantepuy trek - 9 Days 8 Nights. Photos Angel Falls

DAY 1 Auyantepuy trek: At 8:00 AM we will fly from Cuidad Bolivar to the village of Kavac.During our 2 hours flight, you will have a unique view of the Guri hydro electric dam, one of venezuela’s biggest, which exports electricity to Brazil, and gives power to the industries in the cuidad Guayana area,and the whole of Venezuela, the surrounding tepuys, the savannahs, the lush jungle, meandering rivers, and the walls of the Auyantepuy. Depending on the weather conditions our pilot will fly us into the Canyon del Diablo, where you will have a chance to take pictures of a range of small waterfalls pouring out of the walls of the tepuys, afterwards we will fly left and right over the Angel falls, then continue our flight to Kavac. After lunch we will walk for 30 minutes to the natural swimming pools of the Kavac river, and the Kavac canyon, on our return we will also visit the Toma waterfall 20 mts high. In the evening we serve Cuba libre to our clients,tonight we will sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets in tipical Indian huts in the village.

DAY 2 Auyantepuy trek : Our adventure begins very early with a 7 hour trek through the savannahs and small patches of jungle to the Guayaraca camp. Our team of porters will take our food and equipment in home made Guayares (Pack made out of natural materials, which the pemon Indians use for transporting their belongings). Here we will spend our night in tents with sleeping bags and mats.

DAY 3 Auyantepuy trek : Today is one of our hardest days,climbing will be a challenge with the support of protruding rocks, small trees and roots, we will scramble to the first ledge of the tepuy, on the pathway the flora is unique and beautiful, bromelias, moss, Orqueds,and a vast range of endemic plant life and bazzaire rock formations can be seen everywhere. After 7 to 8 hours of trek we finally will settle down in the El Penon camp for a well deserved sleep in our tents.

DAY 4 Auyantepuy trek : After breakfast, we will continue our trek,and with the help of ropes, we will scramble over the rocks, between small labrints,and huge high walls of sand stone to the Campamento Oso. Colibris can be seen flying from one flower to the next feeding and pollinating them to continue the life circle. After an ardent 7 hour walk we will settle down under a semi-cave to pass our next night on top of the tepuy.

DAY 5 Auyantepuy trek : Today’s gonna be an unforgetable day of your life, walking around, and exploring this never deceptioning, awesome, unique, bazzaire and moonscape panoramic scene. The rock formations found here are even more irregular than the ones found in Roraima and Kukenan, vast portions are divided into deep gorges as deep as 300 meters. Astonishing plantlife can be seen in every visible space, and the wonder of walking in the heavy mist, makes you wonder how mystical this place can be. This awesome scenery is the reward to every ounce of strength, sweat, and suffering, endured during the walk here. We once again will sleep in the same place as last night.

DAY 6 Auyantepuy trek : It’s time to descend. CAUTION: trekking down can be hard on the knees, arm yourselves with a stick for balance, choose each and every step very carefully before advancing, with the sad feeling of abandoning this paradise, we return to the el Penon camp

DAY 7 Auyantepuy trek : This is our last chance for taking pictures, we continue descending to the Guayaraca camp,with small breaks for lunch and refilling our water bottles.

DAY 8 Auyantepuy trek : On this day we are pratically on the flats of the savannahs,with the remnants of energy left we finally return to Uruyen to have a wonderful lunch, bath, and a proper sleep.

DAY 9 Auyantepuy trek : Our adventure ends here with a return flight to Cuidad Bolivar.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Return flight to Kavac, tent accommodation,sleeping mats, sleeping bags, food during the trek, English spoken guide, porters for the equipment and food only. cooker, and all kitchen utensils.

WHAT IS’NT INCLUDED: National park entrance $3 p/p,and tips.

1:Trekking shoes(preferablely used) 2:Hat or cap 3:Sun protection 4:Sun glasses 5:Rain gear 6:Torch lamp 7:Swim suit 8:Plastic bags for your crucial stuff 9: Camera 10: Swiss army knife 11:Fast-dry t-shirts 12:Cotton trousers
13:11/2 liter water bottle 14:Chocolates of your preference 15:Sandals 16:Sweater 17:Repellent

All reservations should be confirmed at least 45 days prior to the date of service.

Photos Angel Falls


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