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Gran Sabana

Gran Sabana

Gran Sabana Day 1: After breakfast we’ll start our adventure in the Gran Sabana, with a four hour drive to the Aponwao water falls 120mts high. When we get to the port of Liwo Liwo, We will have lunch, then at 1:00 PM,we will get on board motorized Curiaras for a 30 minute drive down the Aponwao river to the top of the falls. 800 meters away from the drop, we will have to abondon the boat, for a small 5 minute trek to the top of the waterfall, here you’ll have the chance of taking pictures, and admiring the Colibris, which are in abondance here, then we will descend to the bottom of the fall to have pictures from the front (Awsome sight) , afterwhich we’ll trek for 25 minutes to the Pozo Escondido (Natural swimming pool), in the afternoon we will return to our jeeps for An 2 hour drive to the Kavanayen Mission, where we sleep in beds in a Posada.

Gran Sabana DAY 2: It is recommended to wake up very early to see the sun rise, in it’s full splendour, over the surrounding tepuys, there is also a 500 meter high view point, from where you can observe the lush jungle in the valleys below. After breakfast, we will drive to the Toron and Toronsito waterfalls. Our jeeps will drive us to the banks of a small river, from where we’ll have to trek through the Savannahs for 1 hour to the waterfalls, where you can swim,and take awesome pictures for your travel collection. In the afternoon we return to our jeeps to continue our ride to the Salto Kawi natural swimming pool, with it’s 8 meter waterfall. We’ll spend our night in the Posada Salto Kama.

Gran Sabana DAY 3: At 8:00 AM, we start with a stop at the Mirador de tepuys, el Oso, then we will stop at the Quebrada de Pacheco, from where we will trek for 45 minutes to the Pozo Azul for a swim, then return to the Salto Pacheco for pictures, and can have the pleasure once again of swimming in the natural swimming pool found here. On our way to San Francisco for lunch, we will again stop at the Soruapo natural swimming pool. Once in San Francisco, we will have lunch, and shopping for local handicraft. In the afternoon, we will continue to the Quebrada de Jaspe, this is the best site which you could ever visit in the Gran Sabana, then we again visit another view point for a second chance for pictures of the tepuys. Today we will spend our night in a Posada in Santa Elena.

Gran Sabana DAY 4: Very early we will start our tour to the el Pauji village, with a stop in a gold and diamond mine, the salto Catedral,and visit a small insence factory owned by a small Hippie family. After lunch,we will trek to the El Abismo, with it’s 1000 meters high view point of the Amazon jungle, on our return to the village we will have a bath in the Pozo Azul to cool off. In the afternoon we will return to Santa Elena. End of trip.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Jeep transport, food during the tour, accommodation, boat ride to the Aponwao falls, and guide.


WHAT TO BRING:1:Light cothing 2:Sweater 3:Boots or tennis shoes 4:Sun screen 5:Sun glasses 6:Repellent 7:Torch lamp 8:Hat or cap 9:Swim suit 10:Sandals 11:Camera 12:Plastic bags for your crucial stuff 13:Rain gear
14:And a good dose of humor.

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